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Rainbow Dreamz | Mali Isabel Art Exhibition

Exhibition Opening: 15 April 2022

Exhibitions Dates: 15 April - 18 June 2022

Where: Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute

253 Grenfell Street, Kaurna Land, Adelaide, SA 5000


Join Mali Isabel for her debut solo exhibition, Rainbow Dreamz - an explosion of colour and creativity featuring 111 new original artworks. Enjoy catering by Tandanya Cafe and musical performances by First Nations artists Katie Aspel, Sonz of Serpent, and DJ Phoenixx within the rainbow dreamscape of Mali's creations.

Exhibition Statement

Rainbow Dreamz is a deeply personal and vulnerable exploration of overcoming, self-discovery, and finding a state of inner peace. The artworks created for this exhibition are like a journal on canvas, documenting a journey of transforming trauma and negativity into one of acceptance, self-love, and understanding. Drawing inspiration from the experiences I have had, the places I have been, and the people I have met, taking pieces of everything and everyone around me to create stories and artworks that spark thoughts of hope and equity for all. Through a spectrum of colour, emotions, thoughts, and moments, each canvas is unique and individual in its own way, whilst they work together harmoniously to create a beautiful anthology of rainbow dreams.

Opening Night Programme

6.50pm - Doors Open
7.10pm - Katie Aspel
7.40pm - Welcome to Country
7.45pm - Opening Speeches

9.00pm - Sonz of Serpent
9.30pm - DJ Phoenixx

Bookings via Eventbrite are essential.